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Themes: March: Beauchamp

As apparently MSPaint Mantrains can only last so long, and challenges are impossible for our members to accomplish, we shall try monthly themes and see if they prove fruitful. For the entirety of each month, you all are encouraged to post content related to said month's theme. Theme-related content can encompass art, writing, or general mayhem. While, as this is downskutsuou, a fair amount of silliness is to be expected, serious works are also acceptable.

March's Theme: Beauchamp

Work hard to honor our underappreciated lush of a journalist.

Fun fact!! His voice actor is really weird-looking. Cool!

You also have a secondary task: some spring cleaning. Go to your Gankutsuou folder (we all have one) and do as catiechu and I have done and do yourself the favor of purging the folder of all pictures of the Count. You free up space on your computer and get rid of last season's passé blue tones.

Go to it.
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